Turn Your Business into an Online Shopping Success

Time to build your own virtual marketplace and

open your business to the world.



Fast Payment Processing

Let your customers shop at the comforts of their home.   With the different payment gateway options, they can easily pay using their credit card and you also receive the payment within 12 hours of processing.


Your Business Your Way

The payment platform is custom-built for businesses and includes a user-friendly interface to give you more control. Easily access sales reports, download them and even manage your people.


Works with Most Shopping Carts

Integrate with over 100 shopping cart solutions and not worry about their compatibility.  Level up the way you do business virtually with this feature.


Automate and Save Time

Set up autopay and avoid collecting the monthly payment.  You can now dedicate more time to building stronger relationships with your customers and developing your business.


Your Own Online Terminal

Wherever you are, you can now process not just credit card payments but also debit cards as well as checks.  The virtual terminal will allow you to authorize payments in any computer as long as internet is available.

online payment processing

What You'll Get

Split one transaction between accounts in a single process.

Collect tax automatically.

Split funding available.

Patent Pending: PCT/US16/16023

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