Credit Card Processing Solution through a Full Point of Sale System

Point of sale system credit card payment processing

can make twice the work in just half the time.



Fast Payment Processing

The point of sale system is built to make any transaction easy for both you and your customers.  You also receive the payment within 12 hours of processing.  Your business is definitely in the rod to greatness!


Wireless Features

You can now process secure credit card payments by connecting your POS system to your existing wireless internet connection.  Stay up to date with the latest technology and WOW your customers.  


More Payment Choices

Your customers can now have more options to pay you.  You can add NFC and chip cards to your customers' payment options without adding more equipment.


Access Your Account Anywhere

Monitor the movement of your business and keep a close eye on what's going on.  You can now go online to check your sales anytime and anywhere.


Expand your System

The system allows you to add more equipment into your whole set up.  Add-on applications can turn your tablet into a payment solution and you can also connect scanners, printers and cash drawers.

pos payment processing

What You'll Get

Pay one of the lowest processing rates in the industry (only 0.25%)


No commitments and contracts.

Monthly plans and payments available.


We have 4 different POS model systems to choose from.


We offer you the option to lease the equipment.

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