social mediaMore and more people are depending on the internet to keep them up to date or to search for information about specific services that they need.  The existence of web hosting sites,  social media and other networking platforms has encourage and prompt entrepreneurs and businesses to look at the web in a different way and revolutionized its various applications.  For any entrepreneur right now, it would be a big mistake if you fail to take advantage of the numerous social applications that can boost not only the popularity of your business but also reach a more targeted audience for your goods and services.  If you are planning to put your business online then you have to make the most out of social media as part of your marketing scheme.

A great social media platform to start using is Google Plus.  This is a social networking platform by one of America’s internet service multinational corporation.  Google Incorporated operates Google Plus and since they have over a million servers in data centers all throughout the world, you can expect them to be considered as a respected and credible provider when it comes to software and such technologies.  It is then a must that you create your own Google Plus account as a way to promote your business on the web.

Here are the four strategies that will improve your Google Plus account:

Make your profile a plus.  When people want to check you out the first thing that they see is your profile page.  If it is not fascinating enough then most likely they will not add you in their circles.  Add pictures that describe your passion and links that will give them an idea of who you are and what you are doing.  Put in some personal information to add credibility.

More circles the better.  This is not about adding more people to your circle but rather join other circles.  The advantage with having more circles is that the community you join will have what you are sharing up on their wall as well.  However for this to happen they need to add you first.  To successfully get them to do this, you have to make your page and account worthwhile by creating quality content, and having a wall that contains interesting things that will persuade them to share on their walls as well.

Be an active user.  If you want people to know who you are or have them feel your presence, then you have to be active.  You can do this by posting frequently and plussing more than one page on a weekly basis.  Aside from letting them see you as active and up to date, this will also get you in tune with other active users who might lead you to more circles.  Take time to look for stuff in the web that will interest people so that what you share will be given its due attention.

Follow who follows you.  Maintaining good relationship in your circles pay a lot.  Not only will it create a respectable image but it will give you a chance to be recommended.  This will in turn increase the value of your account.

There are a lot of sites right now that promotes social networking.  You have to be smart to choose one that is reliable so it can give your business relevance in search engine programs.  Since a lot of online services understand the value of using Google Plus, it won’t come as a surprise if your competitors have their accounts as well.  To ensure that you are doing better than they are, just follow the steps above.

In case you need help in creating and managing various social media platforms, feel free to contact us.  We have our own social media marketing specialists ready to help you right away.  Please feel free to also post your questions on the comment section below and we will be happy to give you free advice.

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