It may not seem fair, but some people seem to just excel at everything they do in the business world.  Others have great ideas or products, but they never seem to really get it off the ground.  Sure, they may make a few bucks here and there but not enough for them to do much more than just make ends meet.  It doesn’t all come down to luck, but rather to the mindset you have about all of it.  As you develop your entrepreneurial mindset, you will be increasing your chances of success.


Every business has some barriers and struggles along the way.  You can’t control everything, but you can control how you will react to it.  Your attitude plays a vital role in the success that you will have.  When you keep on moving forward, finding motivation, and you don’t give up success will come to you.  If you get upset the first time things don’t go your way or you lack self-confidence you will get stopped in your track every time.

Even if friends or family don’t believe in you – don’t give up. Part of your motivation should be to prove them wrong.  Try to surround yourself with those that are supportive as often as possible.  You can’t be frozen in time either, afraid to take action.  Don’t be so afraid that a mistake will occur that you do nothing.  It is better to fail along the way, learn from it, and make improvements than to never have taken the risk.

Calculated Risk

Of course there is a huge difference between taking a risk and being reckless with your choices for the business.  Part of developing an entrepreneurial mindset involves taking a calculated risk.  This means that you look at pertinent information and data to come to a conclusion.  Based on that information, you make a decision about how to proceed.  Look at as many variables as you can so that you aren’t taking risks that definitely aren’t going to benefit your business.

Focus on more than the Money

While it makes sense that you want your business to make money, you have to look beyond that.  Too often, a business owner is so focused on ways to make money such as marketing, who they hire, and even what they promote that they lose sight of everything else.  Even if they have decent amounts of money coming in, they often end up having to put all of it back into the business.  As a result, they end up with very little profit, if any.

Continue to Learn

No matter how much education you have or how long you have been in business, there is always more to learn.  Admitting that you don’t know everything is a great change to your mindset that will serve you well.  Don’t give up on that learning as when you do, it can hinder your chances of success.  Don’t say that you don’t have time for learning – it has to become a priority.

If you have a passion for learning, you are well on your way to developing your entrepreneurial mindset.  Find out about trends, emerging businesses, the success of business with longevity, and even explore what went wrong with businesses that didn’t last.  There is nothing that can compare to a wealth of knowledge that continues to grow and grow over time.

Identify Challenges

Being very honest with yourself is vital if you want to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.  What are the three biggest challenges you have for your business right now?  Select the biggest one and then work on it in depth.  Develop a plan of action that involves several steps to getting improvements.  Try to assign time frames for each step and hold yourself accountable.

You may not know initially how to solve the problem, and that is where learning comes into the picture.  Write down what you don't know and then start investigating various resources to find those answers.  As an added word of wisdom here, make sure you only use reliable resources for your learning.

Have a Vision for Change

Once you have collected all of that information, and you are satisfied you can develop a game plan for change, move forward with it!  Don’t say it isn’t the right time to do… you won’t know unless you try it!  Think about the outcome you would like to see occur in a given frame of time.  Evaluate what is taking place, and if you need to, modify that plan of action.  It should be written in pencil for easy changes instead of written in stone!

Take Action

Now that you have the information you need to develop your entrepreneurial mindset, you can put it into action!  Before you know it, you will start to see results that were missing before.  This is often a missing link that can separate those that have great success from the rest.  Which category are you going to be in when all is said and done? It is up to you!

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