What They Are Saying About Virtual Work Desk VAs

Very satisfied with the VA Virtual Work Desk provided me.  I didn't have a hard time explaining what she needs to do to organize my presentations and assist me with my online webinars.  Now I have more time to focus on my clients and expand the services I am offering.

M Beams

Business Consultant

I started offering my services 3 years ago but I have been struggling with getting new clients.  I was unable to keep up with the demands of running and managing my own fitness.  I lost potential clients because I wasn't able to respond to them, I created my own brand but couldn't even build it online. I was about to give up but discovered that I can have someone work for me without having to worry about spending too much.  I started having a VA for just a couple of hours a week to handle my email and get in touch with leads but as my clients are growing now, I have someone from VWD working with me every day and I can't believe how much I am enjoying working with an offshore assistant.  On top of that, no more stress and sleepless nights worrying about generating profits.

Matt Schober

Fitness Instructor

I am very happy with the website that my VA created for me! I had doubts changing my platform but when Virtual Work Desk showed me several mockups, I didn't hesitate to leave everything into their hands.  My VA never complained how many times I had to change my mind and is very professional all throughout the project. I will definitely work with them again in the future!

Daniel Kirsch

Blogger / Author

I used to hire from a different agency but had to cut down due to some lean months.  I met Tony in one of the networking events I attended and I was surprised when he mentioned his VA services package is priced way lower than what I had.  I was very doubtful at first but when I talked to my VA the first time, I was pleasantly surprised that she is very knowledgeable with the tasks I want to be done.  Now, I am with VWD for almost 6 months and I spend way less while at the same time having a VA as good, maybe even better, than my previous one in terms of skills and results.

S Saunders

Event Planner

From calling clients, processing sales, updating my CRM and running advertising campaigns, VWD has become an integral part of my online business.  Not only do I get effective business advice and guidance from Tony but I also have VAs with excellent skills set base on the projects/tasks I need.

A Campbell

Online Entrepreneur

I manage my own spa and I'm a very busy person.  Virtual Work Desk is my go-to solution if I need someone to run social media promotions, email campaigns and create event landing pages.  What I love about them is that you can hire someone on a per project basis at an affordable price and expect them to finish on time with outstanding results.

Roxanne B

Spa Owner

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