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Pre-screened, trained, and professional Virtual Assistants at an affordable cost.

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Get targeted results when your VA zeroes in on a specific task your business requires.


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Enjoy focusing on important business matters knowing the rest is covered by your VA.

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Accomplish all of your entrepreneurial desires while enjoying the time and financial freedom that are supposed to come along with it !

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With a Virtual Assistant, you can now put your business plans into action and earn more by working fewer hours. You no longer have to spend time looking for someone to help you out because we will provide one who has the skill set for your specific needs.


Social Watchdog Package
Up to 3 Social Media Platforms
1 Hour/Day, 7 Days a Week


Social Media Marketing has leveraged the playing field for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. It empowers those who want to build brand awareness, obtain new clients and increase the loyalty of existing clients. It's a very powerful tool that you can utilize but only if you understand how to use it properly.

Planning and executing a social media marketing strategy is essential for any online business. However, it requires not just time but also consistency. Not to mention that this is not the only aspect of your marketing that needs your attention.

Virtual Work Desk understands this need and we know for most startup, the expense of hiring a full-time employee is not practical.  We have specially trained social media VA’s who will be there to help you every step of the way, so you can focus on what you do best.

With our Social Media Watchdog Package you can have the following virtual services available:

  • Set up your social media profile and optimize it.
  • Establish social presence through top social media channels and networks of your choice.
  • Write valuable content to meet your needs and expectations
  • Post and share content promoting your business or targeting specific advertising goals.
  • Actively engage with users to foster better relationships that compel them to promote your site, goods or services.
  • Monitor the performance of your campaign through available analytics.


Content Creator Special

1 blog post per week
Original content (at least 500 words)


Creating content for your business is vital as it is one way for you to communicate and engage your customers. It is no small task especially if you want to come up with content that reflects the image you want to build for your audience. Most of the time content must be well-researched and should also discuss the issues or topics your target audience care about. A poorly written content can damage your credibility while compelling content can increase brand identity and even generate new leads for your business.

Delegate your content writing and copywriting to Virtual Work Desk. We have experienced and trained writers and editors who can create original content for various topics and industries. Whether you want a whole new article or post or you need someone to revise your existing work, we are glad to provide you a VA. Free yourself from all the work needed to come up with a great content for your site. You'll save hours every week that you can spend in other aspects of your business instead of writing.

Here are the various types of content our writers can do for you:

  • Blogs
  • Online Articles
  • Web content
  • Content for email campaigns and autoresponders
  • Newsletters and reports
  • Ebooks and Information Pack
WordPress Wizard Package

Basic website set up
Premium Theme, Home page, Contact page
Email set-up (if available in hosting services)


Having your own website, you can sell goods and provide your services to a very large and varied market and also showcase what you can do.  In this digital age, any entrepreneur or business that doesn’t have their own site risks the chance of being found by their potential clients which most of the time are on the web.   On top of that, your website is your own place in the virtual world.

WordPress is considered as the top platform for building your site.  With our own web developers from Virtual Work Desk, we can set up one for you without you having to worry about the back-end details.  We also pride ourselves as partners of entrepreneurs and small businesses since we offer very affordable packages compared to other website development services.  This special package is for anyone who wants a professional installation and configuration of their own WordPress site.

Our WordPress Wizard Package includes:

  • Installation of the latest version of WordPress.
  • Installation of a theme of your choice.
  • Installation of plugins to work with your theme and the features you want the site to have.
  • Customize your permalinks to improve SEO of your site.
  • Configure a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz to promote search engine rankings.
  • Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam.
  • Customization including adding your company logo and graphics.
  • Training and support on how to manage your site and how to publish content.
  • Other custom services based on your request.